Action for Peace and Development has three boards:

– The General Assembly of all members. It is the Supreme Board.

The Leading Team composed of the Legal Representative, the Deputy Legal Representative, the Coordinator and the Executive Secretary. This board acts as the Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee composed of the Executive Secretary, Heads of Commissions and their deputies, Project Managers, and the Finances Manager.
Action for Peace and Development allows and encourages its members to work with a team spirit so that its work should be measured through the accomplishments of each commission.

Here are the commissions on which the work of APD is axed:
* The commission in charge of Peace and Democracy issues that has as mission to organize exchange spaces on the different themes regarding peace, governance, education etc that are regularly held once a month. It also gives orientation of actions related to strengthening peace.

* The commission in charge of human rights, gender, moralization and social reintegration of marginalized persons. In this area APD organizes activities that are in the line to advocate for people who are victims of social injustice.

* The commission in charge of communication, public relations and human resources. In this regard, APD will organize and seek for building cooperative relationships with other organizations working in the fields of peace and development. It is through this commission that APD will organize capacity building seminars for the Burundian youth from schools in order to alleviate the big challenge of lack of experience that they face while seeking for the first employment.

* The commission in charge of environmental issues and sustainable development. It is through this commission that APD will tackle issues related to the protection of the nature, climate change, clean environment, sensitizing the population on fighting and preventing devastator illnesses such as AIDS, malaria etc.  APD already works in synergy with some local and international organizations working in the environmental field with 350 Burundi Campaign.

* The commission in charge of finances and creation of income generating activities. This commission manages the finances of the Association, keeps its records, creates income generating activities, manages and reports on different grants and funds from our funders.

2 Responses to Structure

  1. My heart cries for mt. Elgon and I fully support the quest for peace. I hope one day Africa via such structure will enjoy peace.

  2. It’s a bright idea for us all. We need peace and peace is the way.

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