Activities & Programmes

-Study circles:

Study circle is a monthly debate for APD members and other people interested in our discussions. We talk about challenges affecting our society in general. Debates covers topics related to peace and stability, democratic participation of youth, transitional justice mechanism, unemployment and entrepreneurship etc. Participants in the study circles carry out mini-research projects, give presentations, and respond to questions on a particular topic. We do sometimes invite experts and guests to enlighten us on certain complex issues.

-Peace clubs in schools:

Action for Peace and Development has got a significant experience in training and facilitation of dialogue toward youth. In 2012, APD came up with the idea to expand on its work and involve secondary school pupils from 5 provinces in the Truth and Reconciliation process.

This pilot project targets mainly secondary school pupils and intends to equip them with indispensable basic skills and attitudes to positively contribute not only to the success of the TRC work but also to the building of a future peaceful and democratic society. The project comes at an appropriate moment to support the process of setting up of the transitional justice mechanisms while proposing measures of accompaniment to this process in order to avoid violence that may result from the search and finding of the truth.

-Children and youth in street situation:

APD has been carrying out number of diverse educative and recreational activities towards some of the disadvantaged children and teenagers now living on the streets following the bloody civil war and other social troubles that paralyzed families. Chants, sports, games and dialogue are among the most used forms to interact with them.

-Sustainable development:

At APD, we’re deeply concerned by the protection of natural resources. We strongly believe that Burundi can’t develop itself with the continuation of bad practices such us deforestation, bush fires, poor agricultural methods, massive use of charcoal and firewood…Real progress can’t be dissociated with careful and strategic management of resources (land, water, forest, energy etc). We strive to sensitize our peers on these issues, work collaboratively with other stakeholders and engage our communities and leaders in projects that ensure sustainable development at all levels.

-Members capacity building:

We came from diverse areas of expertise and we’ve got different professional experiences and skills. So, we do meet at a regular basis to train ourselves on various issues directly related to our areas of intervention but also connected with the development of our organization.

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