Dear African best wishes for the year 2017

By Tharcisse Ndayizeye

Dear African best wishes for the year 2017
As Africans, we reached 2017 by the Grace of God.
As a reminder, Africans have always had difficulty living on this earth. I allow myself to return to the latest events of slavery, black slavery and migratory flows to the West of today.

All the European states with colonies in America like Spain, Portugal, England, Holland, France, etc. have participated in these degrading events of Africans from Senegal to Angola. In search for strong and vigorous men for exploitation in exchange they brought Bad alcoholic liqueurs (Beware of alcohol my dear African is to diminish your concentration, to see you always drunk, to put your life In peril while some consider that drinking a lot and going home late at night are signs of independence, what shame!).

During the period of the slave trade the flow was 100,000 people per year crossing border of Europe, 25,000 people should perish during the journey because of the inadequacy of the ships, piled up with each other, chained by pairs Hands and feet, deprived of air, lacking food and pure water, infected by their own rejections, the victims blacks were afflicted with horrible diseases. Several committed suicide by despair, others were thrown alive at sea because they were sick or to lighten the ship and 20,000 people should die under these circumstances. Arrived in the land of the masters, the slave (good) died by the difficulty of acclimatisation and to 100,000 people who crossed, only 35,000 had the chance of survival.
Today many young people have only one dream, to reach Europe, America or Canada to meet the masters who treat them as terrorists, menace, offer them work without social security and these immigrants are not considered as full-fledged people. The Master has not yet changed and the Negro has not changed. Yet about 500-600 years ago began selling people and exploiting the black man (he is still workers without social security, without a contract which secures the two parties, etc.), as an example the workers who are in Andalusia, in Armenia who destroy their body, hips without help from overweight of what they carry, without advocacy and they live a terrestrial hell and these places continue To welcome thousands of migrants to be massacred by their masters (Please cry out loud and Human Rights in all the territories of the earth or simply boycott these products that come from the blood of our own).
I address you dear African, my best wishes for 2017. May this year be a year of introspection, self-evaluation, 500 years is much time to remain in a situation of self-destruction, human degradation. Africans come back and contribute to the development of your countries, stop the calculations of mutual destruction. I close by saying this: ‘It is better to be the first of Servers than to be the last of the Lords.’ I prefer to see you African in Africa with respect than to see you African in Europe, America as a degraded person without any respect.

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